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Sunsplash: Group Character
Basic Information:

25 moons


Kind and Loving
Does first, thinks later. Over Confident 
Curious, Cautious  

Sunkit was born to a unknown mother, to him, at least. He was taken away from his mother later on in life, and lived with Twolegs. His life wasn't that hard, though, as he was fed fish, but, was at sea. He didn't really like water, he was a dry wanting cat, and he was tired of the fresh scent of water.

Sunpaw, by then, was still with Twolegs on a ship, and when they landed at shore, then the ginger tom leapt out of the ship, and looked around, as he scented cats, and saw the mountains off across the island, off in the distance. He wandered, and found a group of cats, as they called it "Meadowclan". This was all new to the kit, but was taken in. He was apprenticed to a cat called Ashfern. He was taught the ways of a warrior later on. He went to his first gathering at the first moon. He saw the the leader, Honeystar, Dewstar, and Birchstar. He stared off at Honeystar, admiring his calmness and confidence. At the end of the gathering, he built up his own confidence to speak to the Coveclan leader. He did, and learned to respect him.

Sunsplash was named as warrior, after his ginger, patched, pelt. He was 17 moons old by then, and was fine. He then experienced death, as his old mentor, Ashfern, died. He was changed by this later on in his life, and kept an eye open for anything out of place. He grew out of it, but was much more cautious than before. Then he was thinking about being Deputy, to prove himself, to work hard at earning his rightful place.


* Pending
  Mate/true love  
 Blood Family
Adopted Family 
 Uncertain / Nervous / Confused
 Close Friend
 Best Friend
 Platonic Love
 Romantic Love
 Annoyance / Slight Dislike 
 Broken Trust
- Mentor    
- Apprentice

 Respect/ Trusts-Honeystar


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RP Example
Sunsplash trotted his way back to Meadowclan camp, carrying a raven in his jaws. He finally got there, and dropped it at the Fresh Kill Pile, and then nosed his way around the heap of prey. The ginger patched tom eventually took a plump mouse out, and dragged it to a shady spot. He took a minimal bite, and chewed softly, as a soft breeze ruffled his fur. He swallowed, his belly satisfied with prey in his system, giving him more energy.

Group Founded By: calico-s 
Uhhh... yeah, I'M DESPRATE FOR POINTS. Thats my summary.

RULES AND INFO: You may only change their name, eye color, gender, personality, AND their design, slightly. Do not sell this again. DO NOT STEAL THESE CHARACTERS, YOU MAY ONLY BUY THEM WITH POINTS.

73 points
Blue Sky
83 points
Misty's Willow
Sorry, I love her... :1
Prairie Dust
90 points
Sand Dune
92 points
Ashes Smoke
102 points

Please buy them! ;)
Heyy, my first Adopts!

You can change the name, personality, eye color, gender, AND their looks, slightly. One person will get ONE of the characters.  DO NOT STEAL THESE CHARACTERS. YOU CAN ONLY BUY THEM WITH POINTS.
75 points
110 points
80 points
100 points
I still need to type page 2 of ALTTAL... Dang. -_- I don't want to, but I will sometime... bluh. I was awake at 2:50 er (to lazy to spell) somethin to 6: 25... ughhh... Nights.
Heyy, people. Sorry for the inactivity! This is Lucky, my new fursona. I take requests, yay. Welp, yeh. Wait, I see something, A SIGNATURE THAT I WILL FORGET TO PUT?!?! Ha, no.

Hope you like it!
I still need to type page 2 of ALTTAL... Dang. -_- I don't want to, but I will sometime... bluh. I was awake at 2:50 er (to lazy to spell) somethin to 6: 25... ughhh... Nights.


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! My name is FierceKitKat! I am a digital artist. I also love to write stories! The story I have on DA are A Lie Told to a Leader(ALTTAL). This is an amazing community that I recommend to join. I also have two cats at the moment, Casey and Kittie. They are amazing and cute! I really like cats, as you might tell by my art! And warrior cats! This is all for now, bye!



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~ Fierce :)

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